Dear Customers,

We are committed to provide high quality and most affordable laser tattoo removal services to our customers.  Our high quality services are provided by certificated professionals who utilize industry gold standard laser machine, industry-proven Zimmer Cryo skin-cooling machines, and the most efficient proven protocols for your treatments. 


Laser tattoo removal is one branch of laser medicine. By following the optimal laser treatment protocol, your tattoo can be most efficiently removed. High quality laser treatment can effectively reduce your total visit times and finally save total money out of your pocket.


In addition to high quality laser treatments, we promise that your paid visits for removing your unwanted inks to be no more than the estimated number determined with the industry gold standard Kirby-Dersi method. 


We price our single-visit laser tattoo removal service based on the size of the tattoos.  We will provide you the most recent single-visit price after your free consultation visit.