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There is nothing could hold you back from feeling your best.  From age spot removal, acne scar reduction, freckle removal, fine line removal, wrinkles reduction, scar revision, stretch mark reduction, to the reduction of stubborn body fats, book in for your complimentary skin care consultation.  A personalized treatment plan is what you need to bring back your fresh, youthful, and glowing skin or a sculpted body.  This is where your confidence and loves for life are reignited.


Our team at TrustedInkAway is committed to provide high quality and most affordable services to our customers in addition to promoting innovations in laser medicine.  Dr. Rao is a certified laser clinician, a scientist, and an entrepreneur who is developing next generation selective photothermolysis laser machines for both beauty and healthcare.  Ms Holly You is the owner of TrustedInkAwayLLC, and a certified laser clinician who has tremendous passions to help her customers perfecting their tattoo arts and beauties.

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