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Laser tattoo removal is the only non-invasive gold standard method that can effectively removes unwanted tattoos with very, very low chances of scarring.  Laser tattoo removal is based on the scientific theory of selective photothermolysis, i.e. using laser of a certain color to selectively heat and disrupt the colored pigments with minimum collateral damages to their surrounding skin tissue.  The fade of tattoo is due to the recycling of the pigments by your immune system in the subsequent wound-healing process.  Laser tattoo removal involves multiple sessions separated by 6-8 weeks between them.  The number of sessions depends on your tattoo and your Fitzpatrick skin type and is most accurately estimated by the Kirby-Desai method.  If you are scientifically curious, you are welcome to watch the above linked youtube video shared by Dr. Gavin Chan in his youtube channel.


A takeout from Dr. Chan’s video is that picosecond laser is less efficient than nanosecond laser before the ink particles are broken into 10x smaller.  In fact, there are still arguments among physicians and scientists on the efficacy of picosecond laser versus nanosecond laser in laser tattoo removal.  The consensus is that more independent clinicals studies are required for the claimed efficacy by the picosecond laser manufactures.  Dr. Chan showed a clever way of using a combination of nanosecond and picosecond laser for more efficient laser tattoo removal.


Another important aspect of laser tattoo removal not discussed is treatment modality.  The conventional laser tattoo removal treatment modality involves only scanning over tattooed area one time for each session.  More recently, advanced treatment modalities such as R20 and R0 are proposed for significantly reduced total treatment sessions.  In R20 treatment modality, multiple treatments are performed in a single session with 20 minutes separation time between two treatments.  In R0 treatment modality, multiple treatments are performed continuously with the aid of perfluorodecalin pads.  However, R20 and R0 are recommended to customers with lower risk of scarring.  Modified R20 and Ro treatment modalities could be used to further lower the risk of scarring.


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