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We advocate the free spirits of human beings including those represented by tattoo arts.  We always have your back when you have troubles with some of your inks.  We also can help when you have unsatisfactory cosmetic tattoos or pigments in your skin.

Why our customers choose TrustedInkAway® services?

  1. We are experts in laser medicine(+15 years).  All treatments are performed by certified staffs.  You are in safe hands.
  2. We use the gold standard laser & skin cooling machines.
  3. We provide the most personalized treatments for your needs.
  4. We are committed to providing high qualify & most affordable laser tattoo (or pigment) removal services to the greater Saint Louis communities.

Our Clients Say

If I could, I would give this establishment a 10+ star rating. Dr. Bin Rao exceeded my expectations.  If you’re battling with hyperpigmentation caused by too much UVA sun exposure, then I highly recommend the MedLite C6 Laser. After only 1 TX, I l have experienced unexpected results. I am pleased to say that this TX is the Holy grail for pigmentation issues. My only regret is that I did not discover this TX option ages ago.

Skylar B.

So far I have had four removal sessions. My tattoo has faded considerably. I will continue the process and will report back my progress in a future review. I very much appreciate the professional and friendly atmosphere that I have encountered here.

Steve Cochran

Five Stars !!!

Michelle Huber

Five Stars !!!

Christopher Combs

Great place to get tattoo removed or any kind of work. Friendly and keeps you informed. Would highly recommend to any one.

Micah Harrington

The doctor is great and very knowledgeable in the tattoo removal process. He explained in detail all of the removal process. I’ve had my first treatment to remove my unwanted ink. It is working I’ve seen a major change in just one visit. I have more laser treatments to get but it does take several treatments to remove the tattoo completely. My beat advice is to not get a tattoo unless you want it forever but if you have made the same mistake I have with getting a tattoo that you can’t stand anymore. Call the doctor and he will get rid of the embarrassment of a unwanted tattoo.

Jeff H.

I came to the office with a big back tattoo to get removed. I was extremely surprised with the results The ink came out better than I ever expected. The doctor was extremely friendly and compassiont I would recommend this office to anyone wanting a tattoo removal

Kristine Evans

I have had an amazing experience here! The doctor made sure to keep me updated with how the procedure worked and answered any questions I had. He is a very knowledgeable and nice man. I recommend anyone who is needing a tattoo removal to visit him.

Jasmine Barnes

The overall experience was very professional and effective. My laser clinician was very educational on the process, which made me feel much more comfortable. The results were outstanding compared to other tattoo removal sessions I have had in the past. The pricing is the best you will get for the quality. I fully endorse this organization as a go to for tattoo removals.

Kyle Burke

very effective, professional service. The doctor is very nice & very educated on what he does. The prices are unbeatable for outstanding work. After my second session of laser tattoo removal i’ve already seen a great amount of progress. I’ll definitely be recommending him to everyone who’s thinking about tattoo removal services.


Very knowledgeable, extremely professional and very considerate and kind! Also, the treatments are very reasonably priced and effective!

Tom Brackman

The permanent makups on my eyebrows are not satisfactory.  It has troubled me for a long time. Finally, I had it corrected at TrustedInkAway in a few visits.  The procedure is quick and easy.  I love my eyebrows now!

Barbara Moore


Our team at TrustedInkAway is committed to provide high quality and most affordable services to our customers in addition to promoting innovations in laser medicine.  Dr. Rao is a certified laser clinician, a scientist, and an entrepreneur who is developing next generation selective photothermolysis laser machines for both beauty and healthcare.  Ms Holly You is the owner of TrustedInkAwayLLC, and a certified laser clinician who has tremendous passions to help her customers perfecting their tattoo arts and beauties.

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TrustedInkAway® Laser Tattoo Removal Process

In our free consultation, we determine whether your  health condition qualifies you for the procedure, whether you need more time to be prepared for the procedure, your Fitzpatrick skin type, and the estimated treatment sessions required to remove your inks before we finalize your personalized treatment plan (laser influence & laser beam size for each treatment).

You need to make an appoint on the treatment session.  A message or email reminder will be sent to you a day before the treatment.  Required paper works or forms have to be filled and consented before the start of treatment session.  It is recommended that you applied numbing cream at home 50 minutes before the appointment if numbing scream is specified in your treatment plan.  The laser treatment should be done very quickly.  Your inks will be photographed before and after each treatment. If multiple treatments need to be done in a single visit according to your treatment plan, the treatment session will be longer.  You will be given written instruction of post-treatment care before the the treatment session is finished.

You need to make an appointment after the wound-healing process is fully completed (usually in 4 weeks * check out a discussion post for this issue).  By comparing recorded digital photographs, we will discuss with you the progress of your laser treatments and whether we should continue with more treatment sessions or we should stop when you are satisfied with the treatment outcome.

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