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Dr. Rao is an expert in laser medicine including laser diagnosing and laser treatment of diseases. He was a NIH-supported extramural principle investigator on port-wine stain disease. He is the founder of AppliedbiopticsLLC, a St. Louis startup for commercializing his invention in selective photothermolysis. He also cofunded TrustedInkAwayLLC as a supporting facility. You may visit Dr. Rao's google scholar profile by the following link: .

Dr. Rao is an expert in laser medicine for more than 15 years.  Dr. Bin Rao received his Doctor of Philosophy degree from the Beckman Laser Institute & Medical Clinic (BLIMC) of the University of California, Irvine and continued his post-doctor training in Washington University in Saint Louis MO.  Dr. Rao has been working with Dr. J. Stuart Nelson (medical director of BLIMC) and his associates on laser treatment of port-wine-stains since his gradate studies in the University of California, Irvine.  Dr. Rao was awarded a NIH grant to study the smart laser treatment of port-wine-stain disease in children in Washington University in Saint Louis.  Laser treatment of port-wine stains belongs to a larger group of laser treatments – selective photothermolysis, proposed by Dr. Richard Rox Anderson of Massachusetts General Hospital in his 1983 science paper.  Laser tattoo removal is based on the scientific theory of selective photothermolysis.  Dr. Rao worked at AppliedBiopticsLLC to develop innovative selective photothermolysis techniques for an array of skin diseases (vascular malformation, port-wine stains, melasma, photoaging of skin, acne, warts and pigmented lesions) and laser tattoo removal.  TrustedInkAwayLLC was founded as a laser clinic that can test the efficacy of innovative medical laser devices for selective photothermolysis.  Dr. Rao has a clinical certification to perform laser treatments at TrustedInkAwayLLC.