Dermal Pigmented Lesions Removal

Dermal pigmented lesions include Nevus of Ota, Becker’s Nevus, Nevocellular Nevi, Mongolian spot, and "smoker lips".

Nevus of Ota is a type of dermal melanocytosis (excessive melanocytes in the tissues) that causes the hyperpigmentation of an eye and the surrounding area. It often takes the form of bluish or brownish pigment around the eye, along with this pigment appearing on the whites of the eye. /-

Becker's nevus is a non-cancerous, large, brown birthmark occurring mostly in males. It can be present at birth, but is usually first noticed around puberty. It typically occurs on one shoulder and upper trunk but occasionally occurs elsewhere on the body.

A nevocellular nevus is a flat-surfaced or verrucous macule or tumor that is brown, black, or sometimes normal skin color.

Mongolian spots (MS) are congenital birthmarks seen most commonly over the lumbosacral area. They are bluish-green to black in color and oval to irregular in shape. Although these lesions resolve by one to two years of age, widespread, extrasacral and dark colored MS sometimes persist into adulthood.

"Smoker lips" are pigmented lesions on lips (mostly on lower lip) caused by long term smoking. Both 1064 nm and 532 nm can be used to treat "smoker lips". 532 nm shows better results on shallow pigments while 1064 nm works better on deeper pigments.

The laser treatment option of dermal pigmented lesions is Medlite C6 laser at 1064 nm wavelength or 532 nm wavelength. The energy settings are similar to those used in tattoo treatment.

This before-and-after image demonstrates that the Medlite C6 laser is excellent in treating dermal pigmented lesions.

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