Fat Reduction by Heating & Cooling

An innovative technology called Thermal Shock lipolysis is used for effective body fat reduction.  It works by applying hot and cold temperatures to the targeted body fat cells. It could also selectively apply only cold temperatures to the targeted body fat cells.

As show in the figure above, the Thermal Shock lipolysis includes pre-heating, cooling, heating, fat cell apoptosis during treatment, and removal of dead fat cells by immune system after treatment.  In a typical setting, the procedure starts with heating the targeted skin are to a temperature at 42℃ for approximately 10 minutes.  This heating action can efficiently melt targeted body fat cells with high temperature.  Following the initial heating stage, a cooling period at temperature of -2℃ for 35 minutes can further induce body fat cell apoptosis. Immediately following the cooling phase, the targeted body fat cells are heated again to 42℃ for another 10 minutes to end the lipolysis procedure.

Comparing to typical fat freezing lipolysis procedures, the Thermal Shock lipolysis can reduce approximately 10% more fat cells.


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