Wrinkle Reduction

For dark skin type (4-6) persons, Medlite C6 laser and fractional RF micro-needling device are always good options.  For a light skin type (1-3) person, he or she can be treated with more devices including a fractional RF micro-needling device, a fractional CO2 laser and a Medlite C6 laser.  Some skin type 4 persons could be treated with both a fractional CO2 laser and a fractional RF micro-needling device for better clinical outcomes.  If low down time is most critical, Medlite C6 is the best option.  If clinical outcome is most critical, a fractional RF micro-needling device or a fractional CO2 laser is better option depending on your skin type.

The above before and after photos provided by Cynosure Inc demonstrated that fine lines and wrinkles could be reduced with Medlite C6 laser at 1064 nm wavelength which stimulates collagen generation after laser beam deeply penetrates into the skin.  Usually it takes 4-6 treatments at 3-5 week intervals.  Topical numbing cream is optional.  End-point of moderate redness or erythema is recommended.

The above before and after photo demonstrates the efficacy of fractional radio-frequency microneedling treatment. The microneedles spare the epidermis and stimulate collagen generation at deep skin. It has less down time than the fractional CO2 laser because the shallow skin are less damaged.

The above before and after photo demonstrates the fantastic result of fractional CO2 laser treatment. Not only does it reduce the wrinkles and fine lines, but also age spots, uneven skin tones and other skin aging problems. That is why the fractional CO2 laser treatment is the gold standard treatment for skin rejuvenation of light skins.

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